Nowness, the movement for creative excellence in storytelling, is best known as a source of inspiration and influence for their audience. But what many do not know is, that Nowness is a content marketing tool from the French brand LVMH – better known as Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy.

Discover just some of the amazing content featured by NOWNESS.

The minimalistic luxury lifestyle website was founded in 2010 and presents one story every day from the world of art, design, fashion, beauty, music, food, and travel. It's curated by an international team of exceptional writers and editors. In 2014, it won even the Webby Award for the Best cultural website. Now, after 5 years of growing, the site has over half a million unique visitors per month and counts nearly 65,000 registered members.

A short summary after 5 years of inspiring content.

Nowness is basically the digital version of the Acne Paper. It aims at sophisticated people and delivers inspiring content with a fine, discreet and elegant style. With Nowness, LVMH blurs the line between editorial content and luxury marketing.

The beauty of NOWNESS is that it doesn’t feel like branded content. It’s a mix of editorial and video with a distinct, independent point of view that you can’t get anywhere else – and that’s what consumers are craving. A good example of how luxury brands can participate in the social digital space and keep their brand cachet intact.
— Nima Abbasi, founding partner of Syndicate Media Group

What's in for the company? 

Despite the seemingly missing link to the brand, the profit of LVMH is versatile. Nowness provides valuable user data on consumer behavior and about the trends that are worth to invest. It positioned Louis Vuitton subliminally as an avant-garde pioneer and creates relationships with artists and opinion leaders. In addition, the content can be reused by Louis Vuitton or serve as a springboard for additional marketing ideas. And last, LVMH gain commissions with interactive videos where you can click and buy products from various vendors.

The use of subliminal content in a avant-garde style: Hennessy campaign directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and scored by composer Cliff Martinez.

Conclusion: Great Content Needs Time To Grow 

Nowness is the perfect example of a sophisticated content marketing strategy with polish and style. It shows, that it takes two big investments to establish credibility and quality for the luxury segment: Time and money.